Conquest ND guide/FAQ

General rules and aspects
1. Fun is allowed.
2. You have to be in a squad to be allowed in ND. No exceptions.
3. You can only join until 1F is engaged, no matter the ND (Ghost ship: 1FA and 1FB)
4. Disable 2 mercs (or 3 if you want).
5. Do not take towers, spawns or bosses unless you were assigned to it.
6. If you get jumped by a boss, say so and do whatever advice you get from king or ND leader.
7. If your squad leader assigns you to duo or trio with other people, do it. Don’t be selfish.
8. ND leader’s instructions must be followed.
9. Observe the specific rules for each ND (explained below).

1. How often is ND run in Conquest?
One ND a day except Wednesday. Wednesday is TBS/raid day.

2. When does ND count start?
Day – Count start
Mon – 12:30 PM
Tue – 12:30 PM
Thu – 12:30 PM
Fri – 12:30 PM
Sat – 11:30 AM
Sun – 11:30 AM

3. Which timezone is this?
It’s server time. The server’s time is set to California’s time fuse.

4. Why no ND on Wednesday?
Attack, defense and king need a moment of rest. Doing more NDs can easily result in burnout. Unless there is a specific event, there’s no reason to run more NDs than required.

5. How long does the count last?
In general: 30 minutes

6. What happens after the count is over?
Nouvelle Cuisine and Guild feast of Unity will be run. This takes another 10 minutes, then our ND run is launched (as soon as all guild feasts are done).

7. Why no latejoin after 1F?
This rule was put in place in early 2015, to replace the previous closure at 2F being all engaged. In past days we had quite a few cases of people just barging in for 2-3 fights on the last floor(s) and claiming the same amount of boxes as people that were in since the start.

8. Why are there squads?
We have squads to organise people efficiently.

9. Why am I not attacking towers, spawners or bosses? I’m level 130 after all!
Only level 160+, sometimes also 155 to 159, will do attack work. While we appreciate the effort, anyone level 130 will be crushed, and if not, it will still take very long.

10. Why is speed important?
The faster we finish, the more boxes we (you!) get.

11. Can I do defense?
Learning to do defense correctly takes a lot of effort and the learning curve is steep. If you’re willed to do it, let it be known during ND count and we’ll see what happens.

Special rules for clearers:
1. On 1F: go left, middle or right
2. On 2F: go left or right, don’t go to middle
3. On 3F: go right, don’t go left or middle, even walk down the right side of the stairs.
4. If you go middle on 2F: our defense gate will be attacked instantly, and it will be difficult for defense to get into the fight.
5. If you don’t keep as right as possible on 3F, attack will have a difficult time to reach towers, spawns and bosses.

Chaotic Tower of Babel
1. If any possible don’t die next to the gate in 1F.
2. On 2F: It’s a huge spiral, taking the shortcuts is allowed, unless ND leader specifically forbids it completely or partially.
3. On 3F: clearers must go to the centre of the map as soon as possible.

Ghost Ship
1. There are fake mobs. They can attack you, so don’t listen to anyone telling you to stand next to mobs in order to find out if they’re fake or not.
2. Fake mobs walk slowly.
3. Attack mobs that are either standing still or running fast. If you’re not certain, attack another mob meanwhile. Fake mobs will disappear.
4. If you have patrol license: Real mobs have little boxes in them, the so-called “mimics”. Attack them first in any fight, otherwise you will end up frozen.
5. The first floor actually consists of two floors. The floor with the octopusses (1FA) must be completed before the floor named “Ghost Town” (1FB).
6. On Ghost Town (1FB): Do not join the designated last fight, it’s supposed to last until everyone is on their spots in Damp cabin (2F).
7. Damp cabin (2F): Go past the huge wheel in the middle.
8. Davy Jones’ Locker (4F): Do not attack Davy Jones if you weren’t assigned to it.
9. Davy Jones’ Locker (4F): Do not observe any fights on this floor, especially the Davy Jones fight.
10. Davy Jones’ Locker (4F): When “all engaged” is declared, go to any house until the victory popup appears.